Favorite Podcasts for Photography Creatives to Explore

Over my creative career, I’ve found that the best educational tools often lie in first-hand experience and self-discovery. Post-college, I found myself with at least two hours of commute time per day on my hands, and a desire to be productive all the time. Needless to say, I started venturing into educational podcasts so I could learn more about the business side of things and get a little life advice on the side. While I scavenged through many industry-related podcasts, I narrowed down two of my consistent go-to’s and one podcast that helps with life in general outside of running a small business. If you haven’t heard of these and you’re eager to keep the learning boat tugging along, I definitely recommend giving the below suggestions a few moments of your time.

  1. Bokeh Podcast

This was one of my first discoveries when I jumped into the podcast world and definitely was a foot in the door that led me to think differently about my business altogether. Former wedding and portrait photographer Nathan Holritz interviews other photography small business owners to tackle all kinds of topics from pricing, to branding, to workflow. Listening to how others approach their business in different ways and still have a successful outcome made me more confident in carving out my own path in the industry.

  1. Armchair Expert

While this one isn’t a photography education podcast, this podcast is probably my favorite and most informative for just general life advice. Dax Shepherd and Monica Padman have in-depth conversations with celebrities, psychologists, scientists, and more. The thing I love about listening to this podcast on a weekly basis is that they bring the knowledge of industry experts to their audience and challenge traditional views, misinformation, and more. They also always bring out the human aspects in whoever they’re interviewing, making the podcast relatable and non-preachy.

  1. This Can’t Be That Hard

This educational photography podcast is one of my more recent discoveries that focuses more on the business aspects of photography. Similar to Bokeh Podcast, Annemie Tonken holds discussions with other creative business owners. However, This Can’t Be That Hard is a bit more succinct (15-30 mins on average) and comes with lots of business resources beyond just the podcast. While most photography business resources come with a lot of fluff, Annemie doesn’t play around when it comes to education and making her students strategy-ready both financially and creatively. 

While there are so many other wonderful educational podcasts out there, these three have been my tried and true over the past five years or so. If you haven’t given them a listen, I highly recommend giving them a shot to get some nice tidbits of creative and life advice throughout your day.