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On 7.9.2022 I married my best friend in the whole world on the coast of Ka'ena Point, Oahu. We eloped with no regrets (we only wished our day had lasted longer!), and had an amazing small group to help us along the way. If you're in Oahu and planning to elope or get married, these are your people!

Lindsay Wong- Illuminate Photography

Ashlee Felton- Heartfelt Ceremonies (officiant)

Island Picnics with Cayman- Boujee picnic set up after the ceremony

Leonilda Cakes- Wedding cake

Vanessa Olsen- La Flor (florist)

Bijou Bridal- Wedding dress

Favorite coffee companies

I'm no coffee expert, (connoisseurs don't come after my pouring skills), but I am a coffee enthusiast. Here are some of my favorite picks.

Latest Adventure

During Jared and I's honeymoon, we island hopped to the Big Island. 10/10 highly recommend for anyone who's looking for a more relaxing, nature based Hawaii experience. We were told by multiple people to do the Magic Manta tour, and despite my fear of being the in middle of the ocean at night, this was by far the coolest experience I've had in a long time.

These gentle giants came out of the shadows to feed on some plankton that are attracted to the light. They've been studied and protected in the area for years and were not shy at getting up close to the camera!

Inspiration for Sanguine Light Co.

Sanguine, meaning blood-red or optimistic in the face of hard times, became the found word that spoke to many values I wanted to incorporate in my rebranded business. First, the interpretation of "blood-red" representing humanity in nature, paired with the second definition of remaining optimistic in hard times. As a noun, the word sanguine is also a nod to the element of red light, commonly used in film photography development. Pulling purpose into my love for photography was no small feat, as I am sure other artists can relate. The need to help others and make a positive change began to grow as life shifted through the pandemic. Frivolousness and floating on autopilot quickly became tone-deaf and irrelevant to what was happening around me. After much thought and discovery, Sanguine Light Co. was born with a mission to help people love themselves as they are and to celebrate any part of life that they want to remember.